How can evangelicals fulfill the Great Commission and the Great Commandments as they love their multi-faith neighbors? We will explore various facets of answers to this question through podcast interviews with pastors, ministry leaders, and scholars.


Episode 1: Bob Robinson on Jesus and the Religions

Multi-faith Matters presents the first of our new podcasts. In this episode, John Morehead interviews Bob Robinson, Senior Lecturer in Theology at Laidlaw College in Christchurch, New Zealand. Bob is the author of Christians Meeting Hindus (2004), and Jesus and the Religions (2012). The focus of the interview is the latter book, and what Christians might learn from Jesus as a model for multifaith encounters. Be sure to check our Articles page for more from Bob Robinson.


Episode 2: Nick Armstrong of Cole Community Church

Nick Armstrong of Cole Community Church in Boise, Idaho shares his work with the Muslim community that he and his wife Laura started after 23 years of living and working in a predominantly Muslim country. He shares his background, the Christians and Muslims involved, their activities, the foundation for this kind of approach, and words of advice and encouragement to pastors. After you watch the interview, click over to our Telling Stories page to learn more about Cole Community Church, and watch a video from their Peace Feasts.


Episode 3: Bob Roberts of NorthWood Church

Bob Roberts is pastor of NorthWood Church in Keller, TX. He's a conservative Baptist, so he's the first to say that it's sort of odd that his 30-year journey as an evangelical ministry would lead him to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the most prominent Muslim clerics in the world. He prays with them in their mosques, "breaks bread" with them, Texas-style, at his home, and has become one of the leading Christian ministers of any persuasion in what he calls the fight against Islamophobia. After watching the conversation, click over to our Telling Stories page to learn more about Pastor Bob’s work, and our Books page to order his book Bold as Love.


Episode 4: Phil Wyman of The Gathering Church and Festivals

In this podcast interview we are pleased to talk with Pastor Phil Wyman. Phil has been a Pastor of a church in Salem, MA called The Gathering. His latest work involves planting micro-churches in festival settings, and includes a combination of art and human interaction, which he calls “Blank Canvas Art.” As an expert on Paganism and related New Religious Movements, Phil has been instrumental in breaking down relational barriers between the Witch and Christian communities in Salem, MA, and has helped train thousands of people over the last 20 years to engage their cities, their festivals, and their Pagan neighbors in creative ways. You can get a copy of his book Burning Religion, learn more about Pastor Phil here, and support his work through his Patreon page. You can also read more about The Gathering on our Stories page. 


Episode 5: Carrie Graham of The Church Lab

In this podcast we talk to Carrie Graham, Pastor and fonder of The Church Lab. While at Fuller Theological Seminary, she had a worshipful and transformative experience with dialogue. She came to see dialogue facilitation as a vital pastoral skill and began facilitating multifaith dialogues in 2007. By the time she became a pastor in 2009, she understood spiritual growth as having 4 pillars: dialogue, discipleship, outreach/mission and worship. They each exercise distinct spiritual muscles. At the end of the day, TCL meets unmet spiritual needs as the American religious landscape changes. The Church Lab exists to help practitioners of any or no religious affiliation - and at times Christian leaders specifically - to help the Church discover her future. You can learn more about The Church Lab on our Stories page, and by visiting their website.


Episode 6: A Christian and Muslim Discuss the New Zealand Terror Attack

There has been a lot of commentary by Christians and Muslims in response to the White supremacist terrorist attack against two Muslim mosques in New Zealand. For a sample of a good collection by evangelicals see those at Christianity Today. I wanted to add my own thoughts, and I thought a conversation with a Muslim interfaith leader would be a good way to do that. In this special video podcast you can watch my conversation with Safi Kaskas as we discuss issues related to the terror attack and relationships between Christians and Muslims. 


Episode 7: Paul Louis Metzger of Multnomah University and New Wine, New Wineskins

Dr. Paul Louis Metzger is Professor, Christian Theology and Theology of Culture at Multnomah University, and Director of the Institute for Cultural Engagement: New Wine, New Wineskins. He is the author of a number of books including Connecting Christ and Evangelical Zen. In this interview we discuss Dr. Metzger's academic and popular work in multifaith engagement.


Conversation with Paul Louis Metzger and Kyogen Carlson

An interview with Paul Louis Metzger and Kyogen Carlson on Christian-Buddhist relationships published September 18, 2014.. Metzger is Professor of Christian Theology and Theology of Culture at Multnomah University and Multnomah Biblical Seminary. Carlson was a Soto Zen priest and abbot of Dharma Rain Zen Center. Listen here.

This conversation was recorded on September 17. Kyogen Carlson passed away the following day. This was his last work in religious diplomacy. We are privileged to have known him, to have had him as a friend, and to have worked with him. You can read a transcript of this interview published in Cultural Encounters journal on our Articles page under the category of “Engaging Buddhists.”


Episode 8: Craig Blomberg of Denver Seminary

Craig Blomberg is distinguished professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary. He has been involved in Evangelical-Mormon dialogue for over 20 years, and has contributed a chapter to the forthcoming volume we are editing, A Charitable Orthopathy (Pickwick, 2019). In this podcast he shares his reflections on the lessons he has learned about multifaith engagement over the years as a result of his scriptural studies and relationships with Mormons.


Episode 9: Patricia Raybon and Alana Raybon discuss their interfaith relationship

Statistics indicate that religious switching happens with increasing frequency, and interfaith marriages are on the rise. How would you as a Christian navigate the challenges of an interfaith relationship? What if your wife became a Mormon or Buddhist? What if your daughter became a Muslim? In this video podcast conversation with Patricia Raybon and Alana Raybon, co-authors of Undivided: A Muslim Daughter, Her Christian Mother, Their Path to Peace (W Publishing Group, 2015), who discuss how they worked through the challenges of Alana converting to Islam.


Episode 10: David Shenk on Relationships with Muslims

David Shenk has years of experience in relationships and conversations with Muslims. He is the author of a number of books, including A Muslim and Christian in Dialogue, Christian. Muslim. Friend., Journeys of the Muslim Nation and the Christian Church, and Teatime in Mogadishu: My Journey as a Peace Ambassador in the World of Islam. He has also contributed a response to Do Christians, Muslims, and Jews Worship the Same God?: Four Views, where with Joseph Cumming, he explores the implications of this question specifically for Christians wanting to minister among and build relationships with Muslims.


Episode 11: Stephen Trainer of Graffiti Church in Brooklyn

The latest podcast is now available. Stephen Trainer is pastor of Graffiti Fellowship Church and Graffiti Ministries. In this conversation he discusses his church's relationship with the Muslim community in Brooklyn. His church is also a part of our national Network of churches and ministries.