Evangelicals, Multi-faith and Religious Diplomacy

"Religious Diplomacy in a Multifaith World" (Part 1) and (Part 2) interview with John W. Morehead at PARSE

"Evangelical Christians at the Inter-faith Dialogue Table? How?" by Bob Robinson at Interreligious Dialogue

"Inter-faith Evangelicals? Oxymoron or Opportunity?" by Bob Robinson from Dialogue Inside-Out: Ecumenism Encounters the Religions

"Evangelicals and Interreligious Dialogue: The Next Generation" by John W. Morehead at The Interfaith Observer

"3 Reasons Evangelicals Don't Do Interfaith Dialogue & 3 Ways Forward" by Josh Daneshforooz

"Why conservative believers SHOULD be involved with inter-religious dialogue" by Paul Sorrentino at Inter-Religious Studies journal

"Evangelicals and Interfaith Dialogue: A New Paradigm" by Gina A. Bellofatto (Zurlo) at Lausanne World Pulse

"Evangelical Credibility and Religious Pluralism" by John W. Morehead at Q Ideas for the Common Good

"Interfaith and Religious Difference: A Dialogue About Dialogue" by John W. Morehead at Patheos

"Dealing with Religion's Messiness" by Paul Louis Metzger and John W. Morehead at The Interfaith Observer

Biblical and Theological Considerations

"A Biblical Foundation for Interreligious Engagement" by John W. Morehead at Patheos

"Thinking Theologically About Interfaith Work ( Part 1)", Part 2, and Part 3 by Nick Price

"A Generous Orthopathy: Evangelicals and a Transformed Affective Dimension of Faith" by John W. Morehead at Patheos

"Orthodoxy Requires Orthopathy: Emotions in Theology" by Edward Collins Vacek in Horizons: The Journal of the College Theology Society

"Toward a Theology of Emotions" by Sam Williams in Southern Baptist Journal of Theology

"Challenging Radical Islam: An Explanation of Islam's Relation to Terrorism and Violence" by John Azumah in First Things

“Religious and Non-Religious Spirituality in the Western World” (Lausanne Occasional Paper No. 45) by Philip Johnson, edited by John Morehead and Anne Harper

“The New Testament Definition of Heresy (Or When Do Jesus and the Apostles Get Mad)?” by Craig Blomberg in Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society

Emotions and Multi-faith Engagement

"Spiritual Pollution: The Dilemma of Sociomoral Disgust and the Ethic of Love" by Richard Beck

"From Dia-logos to Dia-Pathos? Politics, Emotions and Interreligious Dialogue" by Sturla J. Stålsett in Studies in Intereligious Dialogue

“The Neglected Study of Emotions in Islamophobia and Multifaith Engagement” by John Morehead at Fuller Studio

Engaging Muslims

"How Would Jesus Interact with a Muslim?" Interview of Bob Robinson by John W. Morehead at Patheos

"Urgent Need: Face-to-Face Encounters, not Face Offs" by Paul Louis Metzger and John W. Morehead at Aslan Media

"On the Dearborn Drama: Pig-Headed Engagement of Islam" by Paul Louis Metzger and John W. Morehead at Aslan Media

“The Neglected Study of Emotions in Islamophobia and Multifaith Engagement” by John W. Morehead at Fuller Studio

"A Baptist Pastor's Plea to Love Our Muslim Neighbors" by Pastor Chris George at Huffington Post

“Christian Responses to Islam: A Struggle for the Soul of Christianity” by John Azuma at Lausanne World Pulse

"Islamophobia Diminishes the US and Must Be Resisted" by Pastor Bob Roberts and Gen. Charles Krulak at Religion News Service

“A Conversation Between a Muslim and a Christian” by Samyr El-Refaie and Andrew Wood at The Lookout

Engaging Buddhists

"Evangelicals and Buddhists Share and Probe: A Unique and Fruitful Dialogue in Portland" by Kyogen Carlson and Paul Louis Metzger

"Religious Diplomacy Conversation with Kyogan Carlson & Paul Louis Metzger" by John W. Morehead from Cultural Encounters

"Kyogen Carlson: Bridge-Builder Over Troubled Waters" by Paul Louis Metzger

Engaging Hindus

"Christian-Hindu Dialogue - Are There Persuasive Biblical and Theological Reasons for It? A Critical Assessment" by Bob Robinson from Dharma Deepika

Engaging Pagans

"Sharing the Gospel with Witches - Real Ones" by Phil Wyman at Christianity Today

“Friends Across Faiths: A Conversation with Stephen Ausband and Andrew Wood” at The Lookout

Student and Campus Issues

"The Prospects and Problems of Multifaith Engagement on Campus" by Paul Sorentino at Inter-Religious Studies journal

"What Do College Students Want? A Student-Centered Approach to Multifaith Involvement." Journal of Ecumenical Studies 45, no. 1 (Winter 2009): 79-96


"Blessed Are the Peacemakers" by Nicholas Price at Relevant

"The Missing Piece of Evangelical Missiology: Peacemaking and Respectful Witness" by Rick Love at Peace Catalyst International

"Sikhs and Muslims, Shootings and Burnings: A Call to Peaceful Contestation" by John W. Morehead at Aslan Media

"The Way of Peace and Grace: How Paul Wrestled with Violent Passages in the Bible" by Derek Flood in Sojourners

Freedom of Religion

"Religious Freedoms and the Golden Rule" by Paul Louis Metzger and John W. Morehead