Multi-faith Matters shares multi-faith engagement events that you can be a part of so that the church is better equipped to follow the example of Christ among our neighbors.

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Multi-Faith Matters
A Support Gathering for Christians Working in Multi-Faith Contexts
May 7-8, 2020
Austin, TX

Christians serving in peacemaking, hospitality, friendship development and social services among people of other religions are doing the work of the Gospel in unique and often misunderstood ways. Those of us engaged with other religions and with the growing number of people who identify as “Nones” or “spiritual but not religious” often feel isolated from the Christian church at large. Join us for a time of fellowship with like-minded individuals to develop relationships, share encouragement, hear stories and consider new ideas for your own work. Connect with other peacemakers, missionaries, pastors, and volunteers.

Our gathering will feature various activities, including:

  1. Creation of a safe space for evangelicals to have fruitful conversations about hopes, fears, concerns and questions about what it means to embody a faithful witness that includes hospitality and ethical practices in the church to marginalized religious groups often demonized by the church.

  2. Moderated conversations focused on specific topics of interest to attendees (e.g. Muslims, hospitality and social service among Muslim immigrants, Pagans, the “Nones,” etc.)

  3. Identifying resources that can facilitate Christian discipleship in a multi-faith society.

  4. Expanding a network of multi-faith ministry workers.

The program will include but is not limited to these elements and presenters:

Carrie Graham

Carrie Graham

Introductions and Ground Rules – Carrie Graham, Gathering Facilitator, Pastor of The Church Lab  

Bob Robinson

Bob Robinson

Foundations – Bob Robinson, Senior Fellow Emeritus of Laidlaw College and author of  Jesus and the Religions

“Retrieving the Jesus of the Gospels: a helpful way to reassure some contemporary anxieties”

John Morehead

John Morehead

Issues John Morehead, Director of Multi-faith Matters

  • Engaging dialogue as an avenue for spiritual growth and discipleship

  • Navigating a commitment to dialogue while fellow believers are unsure or disapproving of the practice

  • Building trust with those hesitant to dialogue with Evangelicals

  • Offering dialogue as a peacemaking practice

  • Understanding and communicating about dialogue as Christ-centric

  • Other matters that participants indicate are important to engage

Martin Brooks

Martin Brooks

Struggles – Martin Brooks, Acting Director/Midwest Regional Director of Peace Catalyst


Ways in which we can draw upon our work and develop partnerships to further the work of the Church and to better our communities.


Our next steps to move forward as a support to one another with strategic mindsets.

This event is hosted by Multi-Faith Matters, a support hub for Christians and churches fulfilling the Great Commission and the Great Commandments in a multi-faith world.

We are asking for a $50 donation as a registration fee to contribute to our costs in providing this two-day gathering. If this is cost prohibitive in any way, please contact John Morehead so we can accommodate you. We don’t want to miss out on your presence!

Reserve your space by completing the form below, and then use our Donation page for your gathering registration.

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Phil Wyman - Pagan and Festival Outreach

UK/Europe Outreach 2019

There are opportunities to join teams working in music festivals, a philosophy festival, a literary festival, Burning Man events, Pagan festivals, and Welsh language events in Wales, England, Cornwall and the Czech Republic. See or email Pastor Phil at

Love Big or Go Home - Salem 2019

Hundreds of Christians will join together in Salem, MA during the month-long Halloween to create a missional God Carnival. See or email Pastor Phil at

peace catalyst.jpg

Peace Catalyst International - Peace Feasts and More

Together, Muslims and Christians make up more than half the world's population. Without peace between these two groups, there's little hope for peace in the world.

Peace Catalyst International was birthed, in 2010, because we believe that Jesus is the ultimate peacemaker and calls his followers to work for peace with all people and in every area of life. Our goal is to follow Jesus by catalyzing peacemaking initiatives that ignite a global peacemaking movement, primarily between Christians and Muslims.

Join the peacemaking movement. Let's follow Jesus and wage peace together. Find their events near you, or contact them to set up local opportunities.


Multi-Faith Neighbors Network and GlocalNet

Multi-Faith Neighbors Network is the program that convenes Pastors, Imams and Rabbis and other multi-faith leaders from cities across the United States. Currently, over 180 congregations representing nearly 500,000 have been involved. We are currently in 12 cities around the US and growing. MFNN has also been done in Pakistan and can be used in any country where religious conflict and tension exists. We work to equip congregations to build relationships with each other and serve their city together. If you would like to join us, please email GlocalNet at