Consulting & Training


America’s neighborhoods are getting more diverse. Your church may be in a community that includes Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and more.

How can you best prepare to not only share your faith, but also love your neighbors as disciples of Christ without compromise? Multi-faith Matters offers consulting services to assist you. We have expertise with different religious groups, and can help you navigate the challenges.

Examples of what we are offer are listed below. Contact with questions and to set up a consulting and training opportunity.


Details on opportunities for engagement with Carrie Graham of The Church Lab:


a) Dialogue participation:

The Church Lab holds biweekly dialogues that are hybrid in person and digital. Residents in the Austin, TX, area dialogue in a living room with neighbors in places like Virginia, New York, Illinois and Pennsylvania. If you'd like to participate, email for more info. To view upcoming dialogue topics, you can visit


b) Facilitators' training:

The Church Lab offers periodic trainings for leaders wishing to become dialogue facilitators. Those interested might be able to join a training, or we can create and schedule a contextualized training if a group from the same organization want to do a training together. For more info, email


c) Possible Support Cohort:

The Church Lab is exploring the possibility of creating a training+support building cohort for religious leaders interested in engaging with dialogue and other faithful expressions that meet spiritual needs of emerging generations. If you are interested in being a part of a supportive group that can provide both training and support as you lead toward dialogue and through change, please contact


Opportunities with Phil Wyman of The Gathering church:

Areas of expertise:

* Understanding American and British Neo-Paganism and Witchcraft

* Understanding and Relating to New Atheism

* Developing a Redemptive Engagement with Halloween

* Reaching the World from Home: Developing Meaningful Outreach in Festivals and Tourist Destinations

* Learning to Communicate Peacefully Across Great Religious, Political, and Social Differences

* Dialogue as a New Model of Gospel Proclamation

For more information email Pastor Phil at